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Barca players that benefited from teammate injury.

Since Alexia is out Barca became Aitana team, she’s now at her best

Can she go back to her previous role.

Crnogorčević is playing due to Caro injury, she provides goals, assists and best defensive pressure at the top but she will go back to the bench once Caro is back.

The one this that Caro provides is her one on one skills that can open any defense. Beside that from a coach perspective Crnogorčević is better.

Claudia Pina when playing at midfield started to gain confidence and her goals and assists are up. She provides some magical assists and started to take a lot more shots on goal, but once Alexia is back she will go back to the bench.

Patri and Walsh, are the two best pivots in the world but in the current system there is room for only one once Alexi is back.

I think that Barca will benefit a lot of they change the formation to 4-2-3-1 which is unheard of at Barca

Playing Patri and Walsh as two holding mid, with Patri on a more offensive role will benefit Barca both offensively and defensively.

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